Before My Arrival....
If you would like a copy of any of the photo's on our site we can email them to you, we have removed the option to copy our pictures to ensure our son's photo's are kept in a "safe" place.

Mummy Says....
I can pretty much say without hesitation that pregnancy did NOT agree with me. From the - all day - sickness for the first 6 months (I don't know who called it morning sickness) to the back aches, the swollen feet...2 sizes bigger than pre- prego and the toppling over at random in the later months. And shall we not forget all the random crying....POOR Chris....I love you, thanks for putting up with me!!

P.S Pregnant women who have dogs should NOT watch the movie Marley and Moi

The plus side???
* Endless shrimp cravings in the first 2 months
* The frantic search for fried chicken with potato salad, gravy and tomato sauce in Pasquales car in month 3
*The overwhelming urge to eat a can of tuna, can of corn and a can of peas mixed all together with salsa and tomato sauce piled on toast in month 6
* The 4 am cravings for Raspberries in the middle of winter...we searched high and low all over Montreal with no Raspberries to be found...and NO frozen ones are NOT the same
*And last but not least the Chocolate cake..... Fierre Rocher Cake from Dreams in months 7,8 and 9.....mmmmm, oh the joy of the chocolate cake!!!

All in all....truth be was all SO worth it! And I would do it all again just to have that unforgettable feeling (now missed) of the little man squirming in my belly ..... I think he liked the chocolate cake too!

Hope you enjoyed watching my belly grow!

A Little Story....