My Arrival - June 30 2009....
  My Arrival 
If you would like a copy of any of the photo's on our site we can email them to you, we have removed the option to copy our pictures to ensure our son's photo's are kept in a "safe" place.

My First Cuddle With Daddy....
June 30, 2009 @ 6.36am
  My Arrival 
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Mummy Says...
How can I even put into words the emotion I felt on this magical day?


There was a moment where the world stopped spinning, time stood still, deafening silence, panic, disbelief - what felt like a lifetime was only a split second and then I heard the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard - our son's first breath and then his cry.

Tears of joy, tears of relief as I counted his fingers and toes, and looked into his eyes for the first time.

Watching my baby's father hold his son's hand for the first time, seeing my son look into the eyes of his Daddy for the first time.

Nothing compares.

I wish I could live in that moment forever.